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365 steps coaching – achieve your goals!

Reach your goals now!
Set and achieve SMART goals
Achieve your SMART goals with 365-step coaching!  Why haven’t you reached your goals yet?  Do you use the following methods?
Morning ritual, SMART goals, Pareto principle, daily focus, dynamic task list, concentration/flow, reduction of procrastination, daily gratitude, perseverance, limited multitasking, meditation, success diary, evaluation, visualization, patience, observing your own daily rhythm, Pomodoro tactic  , 
positive thinking?
You don’t know one of them?  Check out my series “365 steps” and get the online magazine!
Caution: If you have mental symptoms, please consult a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist.  I can only help healthy people who want to develop personally.
Achieve your goals with 365 steps!

Personal help I can offer you:

365-step start to the day

 Let me accompany you into the day with the right amount of confidence, gratitude and power.  365 days at the same time.  You can choose different package prices.  Start the day more successfully now!  Time-limited starter offer for all package prices: Receive a free personal voice message every day!  Do something with your life, you probably only have one!
365-step daily closure

 End your effective day with a proud smile and let me tell you that you are on the right track.  It’s easier together, because nobody is a lone fighter.  We need the encouragement of others.  Get them from me every day now.
Achieve your SMART goals with 365-step coaching!

 You want to talk to me in detail about your dreams and goals and find out how you can make the most of yourself?  Arrange one hour of coaching per week now so that you can then continue to work independently on your successes using the methods discussed. 365 steps week closure

 Get your praise and recognition from me every week.  Evaluate your personal successes with me.  Everything you have earned through your new strategies needs to be celebrated!  Every extra step deserves a compliment!
Let’s meet daily or weekly – Let me help you achieve your goals!
365-step full-day coaching

 Are you convinced that you can achieve even more happiness and success if you work intensively on yourself on all levels?  You want more satisfaction, perseverance, patience, discipline, gratitude, serenity and knowledge, but you need my help?  Book a full-day coaching now with intensive discussions about methods, ways of thinking, mindset, and let me advise you and enable you to go your way to your goal, with more fun, with more knowledge, with more success.
Full day coaching

Offers and prices

  • Achieve more – trial lesson 22 EUR
  • Start into the successful day – 5 times 10 minutes per week – 20 EUR
  • End of the day – be proud of yourself!  – 5 times 10 minutes per week 20 EUR
  • One hour per week in a package – one hour per week for 10 weeks 200 EUR
  • The full day training – 1 day with 5 hours of intensive training – 105 EUR
  • Reach your SMART goals – One weekend (2 x 5 hours) 200 EUR
  • Achieve more – One week (7 x 5 hours) 650 EUR
  • Achieve more – Annual leave (5 hours a day for 3 weeks) 2000 EUR

Achieve your SMART goals with the 365-steps coaching!


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