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Steps instead of chocolate

Participate in the challenge “Steps instead of chocolate”!

The series “Steps instead of Chocolate” is about not only having enough exercise every day, but also adapting the intake of calories to the intensity of the exercise.  To do this, we use several methods.

 An app to count steps and calories.  For example Yazio.  This app also has a challenge of not eating chocolate for three weeks.  You enter each food item and the amount you want to eat into the app, and you get a count of calories and how many total calories you can eat that day if you’re not moving.  The steps are counted, for example, on the iPhone via the Health App.  You can sync the two apps.  Then the Yazio app also shows the steps.  The more steps you take, the more calories you can consume.  It is important to calculate the calories before eating.  If you choose foods for dinner that have more calories than you have left, you still have the option to adjust the amount or selection of foods.  If you enter the groceries after eating, it is already too late.  Then the only thing that helps is to go for an evening walk until the calorie consumption has balanced out the calorie intake.

 In step ten, there are other ways to get used to walking every day or counting calories.

 After a while you develop a feeling for how many calories each food has and how many calories you burn while walking.  Then you don’t have to use the app anymore.

The video:

Join me in the challenge “steps, not chocolate“ | 365 steps to health 002/365/01

Playlist 365 steps season 01:

playlist 365 steps season 01

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