Useful beliefs for everyday life 001/365/01

Which of your beliefs are useful in everyday life?

 Sometimes it makes sense to be aware of the values ​​or beliefs behind our behavior.  Because only then can we change something in it.

Which values and beliefs help you personally in everyday life:


Helpful beliefs for everyday life | 001/365/01

Helpful beliefs for everyday life

1st step:

Write down your beliefs that will help you in everyday life:

My examples:

  1.  I am connected to the world.
  1.  I am grateful for all that I have.
  1.  I now have the best that I can get now.
  1. I make all the decisions myself every moment.
  1. I don’t do sports, I just go for a walk.
  1. Water is never too cold for bathing, because it is at least 0 °, otherwise it would not be water.
  1. I am never alone because I am always in the nature that I love.
  1.  I don’t need a partner who doesn’t respect and accept me for who I am.
  1. My body is part of me and deserves healthy eating.
  1. The duty is my pleasure.

 Now you:



Ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.

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