Welcome to 365 steps 000/365/01

Welcome to 365 steps


Welcome to 365 steps


Hello, I’m Mona, I’m a foreign language secretary and tutor for German, English, French and Spanish, author of numerous ebooks, vlogger, blogger and I studied psychology, education and literature for 4 semesters.

I travel full-time minimalistically in my car along rivers and lakes through Europe.

The series “365 steps” is an online magazine and playlist.

Caution: If you suffer from psychological symptoms, please consult a doctor. These exercises are for all healthy people who want to develop personally. Subscribe to my channel if you don’t want to miss the next video. There will be a new video every day. You can find the 365 steps on my homepage and on YouTube, link below. Have fun and good luck!

Playlist Season 1:

Playlist 365 steps season 1

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